Air Travel – Tips for long-distance flights for the disabled

For those of us who are lucky enough to travel to distant places on our planet, whether for business or pleasure, flying can be a nightmare, especially if you suffer from a disability. As more planes are designed to fly further, such as the 777ER (extended range), and Boeing is developing an aircraft that can fly so far, it will not need a hub, so we will not change planes, our flight time in the same narrow seat gets longer,
Some people obviously have money to fly in business or first class, which gives you more comfort, but for most disabled travelers we are packaged as cargo in economy.

So, what can you do to improve your journey?
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You can start from the moment you book your flight. Most long-haul operators will not allow you to book seats in advance, so you can check in anywhere on the day of your flight.
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The best thing to do here is immediately after confirming your flight, search the airlines web site for the airplane seating plan you will be on, and write down the reference numbers for those seats that are just double since these usually have the most legroom and are usually located close to the toilet.
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After you do this, contact the appropriate company, informing them that you are disabled, indicate your disability and tell them that it would greatly help your health if they manage to retain the places you noted earlier. . In most cases, they will.
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Another helpful tip when contacting an airline is to ask them for a special & # 39; eating. All airlines now do this and range from salt free to meat, fish only to carbohydrates, etc. You’ll usually find a list of them on the airlines website, so first check if you can’t find one, just ask them for a list. This service has an additional cost.
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The reason to do this is that these special dishes & # 39; they are given out before a normal meal, so you end up in front of everyone else and you do not have to queue for the toilet, as most other passengers eat.
If you are looking for better aircraft service, treat your stewards with respect. I always hand them a few boxes of chocolate candy as soon as I reach cruising altitude, which usually ensures that I get preferential treatment.
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You enjoy your flight and travel the most.